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The mission of the KAES Advisory Board is:

To provide support and counsel on those matters that continuously improve the quality and relevance of the Academy of Environmental Studies and to identify future courses of action related to environmental studies at Knightdale High School. This mission shall be consistent with the mission of the Academy of Environmental Studies (KAES) and Knightdale High School.


  • The Mission of the Academy of Environmental Studies is to prepare every student to make knowledgeable career choices through work-based experiences, course selections, and applications of current Environmental issues.
  • The mission of Knightdale High School is to provide a quality education that prepares students to become productive citizens.


The vision of the KAES Advisory Board is:

To provide real world work experiences for all students in a core KAES area by the time that they graduate from Knightdale High School.


The purpose of the KAES Advisory Board is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Career Academy Coordinator, Faculty, and Students of the Academy of Environmental Studies by:

  • Reviewing current status of environmental studies programs and identifying future opportunities that make the Academy of Environmental Studies more effective in fulfilling its mission;
  • Providing inputs that lead to strengthening existing academic programs and developing new ones to meet the needs of society;
  • Advising on opportunities that lead to innovative learning experiences and partnerships most appropriate for the Academy of Environmental Studies;
  • Identifying outreach needs in which environmental studies has a significant role and fostering connections with entrepreneurial entities; and
  • Supporting the KAES faculty's need to continuously expand its financial base.




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